Sony PlayStation 5 Rumored To Rock 8-Core Ryzen CPU With Monster 4K Performance

Last week, redditor RuthenicCookie made the declaration that Sony would be skipping E3 next year. The very next day, Sony confirmed that it would not be making an appearance on stage at E3 2019.

Once RuthenicCookie's prediction proved to be true, redditors were quick to see if there were any additional rumors waiting to be spilled – and of course, there were. According to RuthenicCookie, the PlayStation 5 will be announced sometime in mid-2019, and a full reveal will occur later in 2019 at a PlayStation Experience Event.

PlayStation 4 Pro

While the official announcement and unveil could happen next year, the actual console reportedly won't go on sale until as early as May 2020 or as late as November 2020.

As for what will be powering Sony's next-generation gaming console, RuthenicCookie claims that it will feature an octa-core AMD Ryzen processor. The current PlayStation 4 family is based on AMD Jaguar CPU architecture. Your guess is as good as us as to what architecture will be used, but we'd put our money on the 7nm Zen 2, which will first see the light of day in Rome-based EPYC server processors. There is no additional guidance provided on the GPU that will be included, but previous rumors point to a design based on 7nm Navi architecture. The potent CPU+GPU combination is said to be able to deliver sustained 60fps performance at 4K resolutions.

Another tidbit from RuthenicCookie is that there will be a successor to the PlayStation VR. However, in this iteration the breaker box will be contained within the console itself and the VR headset will feature its own built-in camera. Complementary next-generation PlayStation Move controllers are also in development along with VR gloves (Nintendo Power Glove, anyone?).

We should mention that while we should take all of the above commentary with the proverbial grain of salt, it does line up with previous reports that we've heard concerning the PlayStation 5.