Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 1.70 Firmware Feature List With ‘SHAREfactory’

To all you high school and college students out there reading this, have you finished your homework and research reports? And to the working class, did you pitch your boss a solid excuse for calling in sick today? Good, then you're all set to kick back and game on your PlayStation 4 console for the rest of the day, and while you're at it, go grab the latest 1.70 firmware update that's available today.

One of the biggest feature upgrades included in the firmware is SHAREfactory, Sony's new rich video editing app. Once you update your PS4, there will be an icon on the home screen to download SHAREfactory. After installing it, you can begin customizing your gameplay videos with special effects, add witty commentary (or state the obvious like John Madden used to do) with picture-in-picture capability via PlayStation camera, and add custom soundtracks.


Once you're finished, you can share your videos directly to Facebook or plop them on an external USB storage and then upload to your social network of choice. According to Sony, the entire process is simple enough for beginners to grasp, while still offering advanced tools and functions for more creative types. Check it out:

The firmware update introduces several other changes as well. Once installed, you'll be able to download select pre-ordered games from the PlayStation Store prior to release so that you can hop in and start playing the moment a title officially launches.

Some other feature changes and additions include the option to disable HDCP for games, USB export option for captured gameplay, live broadcasting in HD and archiving support, a new trophy sorting option, and several other enhancements.