Sony Pummels Microsoft Again: More Exclusives Coming To PS4 Than Xbox One

Ever since Microsoft announced the Xbox One, the company has been dealing with a good bit of blowback for some of the features of the new console, including the requirement for an online “check in” every 24 hours; a required, always-on Kinect (that costs an extra $100 to boot); and the inability to sell used games, among some other PR black eyes. It didn’t help when Sony released a funny video mocking the Xbox One’s sharing capabilities.

Microsoft has backed down on most of those, but in the meantime it was easy to forget that the Xbox One was going to enjoy 15 exclusive titles that included 8 new game franchises. That’s a win, right?


It would be, were it not for the fact that Sony has more. In an interview with gamereactorTV, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan said that Sony has 30 exclusive titles in development for the PS4--twice that of Microsoft. Twenty of them will launch in the console’s first year, and a dozen are new franchises.

“I’m sure you heard from Shu [Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios] that his studio, he has 30 games in development,” said Ryan. “Twenty are going to ship in the first year of the console’s life, and of those, 12 are new IP.”

Xbox One

You can’t say that Microsoft hasn’t done it to themselves. The Xbox One’s launch event was impressive, but there’s been so much in the way of bad publicity for the new console that many of the most attractive features are overlooked. Now, one of those has also been one-upped.