Sony Promises 3D BRAVIA LCD HDTV For 2010

It's unavoidable: 3D is the next big thing in television, whether you believe it or not. With 1080p panels losing their luster in terms of novelty, there's hardly any other feature that TV makers can add to entice you to upgrade. Besides, our current cable and fiber systems can't even deliver content en masse at a resolution above 1080p, so the advent of 3D is just the next logical step in upping the game.

As with Panasonic, Sony is looking to drive the commercialization of 3D to the home during the course of 2010, with a lineup of BRAVIA HDTVs to pack 1080p 3D capabilities and a big question mark surrounding how exactly the content will follow the hardware. Sony's hoping to ride the wave of popularity already taking off in 3D cinema in order to get people interested in a 3D LCD HDTV next year, complete with active-shutter glasses and support for 3D games/flicks that'll be played back in the company's own PlayStation 3.

Just in case you glossed over that, you should know that Sony's hoping to add 3D capabilities to many of its other products including the PS3, VAIO wares, etc. Details beyond that are few and far between, but it's easy to understand that most of this is just wishful thinking at this point. Once we see Blu-ray Discs shipping everywhere with a 3D version onboard, then we'll really believe that in-home 3D has a chance. It's all about the content, guys!