Multiple PS5 And Xbox Series X Restock Events Confirmed For This Week, How To Prepare

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X
Scoring a modern console is no easy task, but if you are still on the hunt for one, you may potentially get another chance this week. There are multiple restock events scheduled for Wednesday, including two for the PlayStation 5 (both the Blu-ray and disc-less models) and one for the Xbox Series X. However, there are some caveats.

Limited supply of all three consoles is one of them, as is always the case with these restocks. These things are in red hot demand and end up selling out almost immediately every single time. There are other caveats, though, as well steps you can take to prepare and ultimately increase your chances of actually scoring one of these consoles.

Sony Direct PlayStation 5 Restock Confirmed For December 8, What You Need To Know

Sony Direct PS5 Registration
The PlayStation 5 is the console that is headed towards multiple restock events, including one at Sony Direct (Sony's online store) and another at Walmart. Both will take place on December 8. If you're hoping to snag one from Sony Direct, you will need an invitation so check your email inbox (as well as your spam folder).

To even be eligible to receive an invite, you need to both create a PlayStation account if you don't already have one (it's free to do so) and register at Sony Direct to let Sony know you're interested in buying a PS5. Then wait and hope you receive an invitation, either for this restock event or a future one.

As for the restock on December, the event is scheduled to last from 2pm to 7pm ET (11am to 4pm PT), or while supplies last. If you receive an invite, we suggest preparing by filling out your profile and showing up at the allotted time for your best chance to buy one.

Walmart Confirms PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Restock For December Too

Walmart's PlayStation 5 Listing

For everyone else hoping to score a PS5, Walmart is the place to go on Wednesday—the retailer confirmed it will begin selling the console at 12pm ET (9am PT) on December 8. Same goes for the Xbox Series X. Here are the listings to bookmark...
Note that the Xbox Series X product page is currently populated with a marketplace seller who is asking for nearly twice the MSRP. However, it should switch over to Walmart as the seller when the restock event happens, just be sure to double-check.

The caveat with Walmart's restock is that you need to be a Walmart+ member. It's somewhat similar to Amazon's Prime member program, in that you get free expedited shipping and a few other perks (Prime is way more fleshed out, though). It runs $12.95 per month or $98 for an annual sub. However, if you are new to Walmart+, you can sign up for a free 15-day trial and still participate in these restocks.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you score a PS5 or Xbox Series X!