Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Slim In Glacier White, But Only For PAL Region

PlayStation 4 Glacier White Frozen

Today's dedicated game consoles have lifespans that last for several years. That presents a challenge in keeping things fresh and interesting, and what console makers have figured out is that releasing incremental updates can spur sales. Such is the case with a new Glacier White PlayStation 4 system that Sony is preparing to launch later this month. We have to admit, it looks pretty swank.

Both the console and accompanying Dualshock 4 controller are splashed in a coat of white with black accents. It is a clean looking combination, though a different color is not the only thing that is different about the Glacier White PS4. The new system is also smaller. slimmer, and lighter, Sony says, though the company did not provide any dimensions to go along with its announcement.

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

The Glacier White PS4 will have a 500GB hard drive. Unfortunately, it may have a limited release. Sony will launch the Glacier White PS4 across the PAL region starting January 24th, which covers most of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Oceana, followed by a release in Japan on February 23 where there will also be a 1TB model. There is no mention of it being available in North America.

Sony reported last month that collective sales of all PS4 models topped 50 million units following a record breaking week of sales during the week of Black Friday. That includes movement of the PlayStation 4 Pro, a recently released model with upgraded hardware to support 4K gaming and High Dynamic Range (HDR) visuals.

Rival Microsoft also has a new console that supports HDR and 4K streaming (not gaming), the Xbox One S, which is only available in white. It plans to launch a more powerful version of the Xbox One next year called Project Scorpio that will be capable of playing games at a 4K resolution.