Leaked Images And Video Allegedly Show Upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

It looks like it's going to be a very busy holiday season for Sony, as it's rumored to be launching not one, but two updated PlayStation 4 consoles next month. We reported just earlier about a "Slim" model PS4 that's supposed to come alongside the faster-performing Neo, and now we have some pictures (and even a video) to help add some substance.

Over at the forum NeoGAF, a slew of pictures have been posted of a "real" Slim console. While we used quotes there, it does for all intents and purposes appear to be a legitimate unit, complete with packaging. For the most part, the Slim model shares the same general aesthetic and shape of the original PS4, but as the below shot highlights, it's much thinner, as you'd expect. The corners are no longer pointed, either; Sony opted for more roundness this time around.

PlayStation 4 Slim

In this next shot, differences are much easier to see. Sony has separated the two front USB ports, which is an interesting move but not one that's easy to find fault with. The power and disk eject buttons are no longer vertical on the console but rather lay flat in the center left. Again, nothing to find fault with here.

PlayStation 4 Slim front

There are some things that are left unclear right now; namely, whether this slim model uses less power, or includes any different hardware at all. The hard drive included remains at 500GB, and it can be assumed that it's no faster than the previous model. Tying into that, it's not yet known if swapping the installed HDD for another, or an SSD, is as easy on this Slim model as it is on the original. Let's hope it is, because that's one of the coolest features of the PS4 (an SSD upgrade can vastly improve load times in some cases).

While pictures are great, the video above, from Eurogamer, truly seals the deal: the PS4 Slim is real. Unless, of course, this is some incredibly advanced mockup, but it seems very unlikely at this point. In the video, the console is powered up, and the unit seen matches the leaks at NeoGAF.

Will this Slim model be worth the upgrade for original PS4 owners? Absolutely not. Even if there is a slight performance boost (which seems unlikely) such as the Xbox One S received, there's just no reason to trade-in for what's offered. The Neo is a different story, though; that's supposed to be twice as fast as the original PS4, and would be worth considering upgrading to if you want to be able to take advantage of Neo-upgraded games. No decision should be made until the Neo actually nears launch and we know a lot more about it, however. At this point, there could be perks or even caveats we are simply unaware of. Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long to hear more about those.