Sony Outs First Game + Blu-ray Bundle: Watchmen

You know, we think this is a great idea, but we can't figure out why Sony hasn't done this from the get-go. If you'll recall, Sony sold legions of PlayStation 2 consoles by it having a DVD player built in. The pitch went something like "Buy a PS2, get a DVD player!" At the time, it worked wonderfully. For whatever reason, Sony didn't really go out of its way to market the Blu-ray aspect of the PS3 in the same way, or at least not to the majority of consumers. The high price tag made the inclusion of Blu-ray a non-factor for most; if you can't afford the package, you don't much care about what extras you get--right?

At any rate, the world's first Blu-ray + PlayStation 3 game bundle has just been announced, and it's a whopper. One of Warner Bros. biggest titles of the year has just been let loose on Blu-ray, and we suppose Sony figured they could latch onto that momentum with the "Watchmen: The End is Nigh The Complete Experience." This package includes the retail Blu-ray game (Watchmen: The End is Nigh Parts 1 and 2) along with the Director's Cut of the movie on Blu-ray Disc. It arrives in a 2-disc collectible set, and the $49.99 price tag sounds just about right for sure a tandem.

The real question here is will Sony continue doing this. We already saw the company debut its first-ever download-only PSP game, so they company's clearly not scared to try new things. Would you be more apt to pick up a new movie if it came with a game for a discount?