Sony Launches PlayStation 4 Cloud Remote For Controlling All Your A/V Gear

Sony Cloud Remote for PS4
Sony is billing its new Cloud Remote for PS4 as being simple to use, easy to program, and a compact accessory. It is also relatively affordable for what it can do, especially compared to ultra-advanced universal remotes like the higher end stuff Logitech offers. Part of what sets the Cloud Remote for PS4 apart, however, is that it is purpose built for the PS4 ecosystem (as its name implies).

"The Cloud Remote for PS4 programs your remote for you. Programming the remote is straightforward with the downloadable PDP Cloud Remote App, which uses advanced Cloud technology to auto-detect devices connected to the PS4 for hassle-free remote programming. It’s super easy," Sony explains in a blog post.

Today's consoles, the PS4 included, are much more than just one-trick ponies. Gaming is still the primary function, of course, but they also serve as media hubs. The Cloud Remote for PS4 is supposed to make it easier to wrangle the various capabilities of the PS4, and mostly video playback—it's an easier way to control media than using the DualShock gamepad.

This is actually a licensing play from Sony, as the remote itself is built and offered by PDP. However, it is an official PS4 accessory and has the PS4 branding that makes it look like Sony designed it.

The remote includes controls for power, input, and volume for TVs. It connects via Bluetooth, and features cloud-assisted technology for programming the remote. Thanks to the compact design, all of the controls are within reach of the thumb.

Pricing on the remote is $29.99, with preorder availability right now. As a bonus, buyers get a 30-day free trial of the PlayStation Vue Core plan worth $49.99, when buying the remote from Amazon or GameStop.