Sony Killing Walkman Cassette Player, Finally

It's the end of an era. You can shed a tear if you were a child of the 70s or 80s, as you probably grew up wishing for a Walkman cassette player from Santa. Sony's Walkman line still lives on today, with the digital versions outselling the iPod in Japan for the first time last month. So there's no question that Walkman units are still in high demand. But Walkman units that play cassette tapes…are not.

Sony has decided to lay to rest their portable cassette player line, and what's incredible is that it lasted all the way until 2010. The only time we've seen a cassette used in the past few years is at a library or other institution where there's no need to make the leap to MP3. There's no set date for when the final unit will ship, but it'll be soon.

2010 also marks the year that Sony killed the sale of their floppy discs, so it's a pretty important year for burying old technology. Will anyone miss them? Probably not, but it's a milestone nonetheless.
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