Sony Killing PlayStation 4 Ustream Support On August 1st

Sony is giving gamers the heads up that its discontinuing its Ustream service for the PlayStation 4 effective August 1, 2016. Once that date arrives, PS4 gamers will no longer be able to broadcast their gameplay to Ustream, nor will they be able to view Ustream broadcasts from the "Live from PlayStation" portal on the PS4 console or from the PlayStation App and PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation 4

It's not clear what prompted Sony's decision to pull the plug on Ustream, especially since it was one of the promoted features leading up to the console's launch in November 2013. If we had to guess, it's because other broadcasting services have proved more popular. Sony sort of acknowledges as much, telling users they can still use YouTube, Twitch, and Dailymotion for their broadcasting needs.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding," Sony stated, adding that "timing of termination may shift behind depending on the region.

While the discontinuation of Ustream is sure to bum out some users, there probably won't be a large public outcry or petition to bring it back. Many gamers now use Twitch to broadcast gameplay. According to Twitch, more than 45 million gamers use its service every month to broadcast, watch, and chat with other gamers