Sony Forges on with Launch of PlayStation Mobile

Sony isn’t throwing in the towel on its mobile gaming endeavors. Quite to the contrary, in fact, the company announced a “full scale” launch of PlayStation Mobile (nee PlayStation Suite), which includes new content, the PlayStation Mobile SDK, and the addition of ASUS and Wikipad to its Playstation Certified license program.

About 30 new titles from both Sony and third-party devs will be available this fall on certified devices through the PlayStation Store in nine countries including the U.S., UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, and a smattering of major European companies. Availability in more countries will soon follow.

Sony PlayStation Mobile

The availability of the official PlayStation Mobile SDK will make developing for the the Vita (and other certified devices) and distributing titles through the PlayStation Store much easier for third-party devs and will begin rolling out in nearly a dozen countries. The privilege of using the SDK will cost developers $99 per year.

If you’re skeptical that enough third parties will bother developing for PlayStation Mobile, don’t be--Sony apparently has 85 devs already on board.

On the device side, a pair of tablets have joined the PlayStation Certified program--one apiece from ASUS and Wikipad. The ASUS Transformer Pad passed Sony muster, and the Wikipad, which is a dedicated gaming tablet with a separate gamepad controller, did as well.

The mobile gaming market has some steep competition, and Sony has its work cut out for it, but at least for now, the company is driving full speed ahead.