Sony Fixes Super Annoying PlayStation 4 Messaging Bug That Crashed Consoles

Users with too much time on their hands recently discovered a bug in the PlayStation 4 that could be exploited to crash the console. It was easy as sending a specific and malicious message to the unsuspecting PS4 user. After receiving widespread attention, Sony has gone and fixed the bug so all is apparently good in the world of PS4 gaming again.

The exploit is similar to the types of text messaging bugs that have sometimes rocked mobile platforms, essentially tripping the device up. On mobile devices, it could be anything from generally unstable behavior, like freezing, or a full crash. The latter is what would happen to PS4 owners who received the aforementioned message.
One of the features of the PS4 is that users can sent both text and voice messages to family and friends, and also share screenshots. Unfortunately, this also made it possible to crash PS4 consoles. Users on Reddit reported this as reported that the glitch "basically bricks your console" and recommended setting messages to private.

Sony says the exploit didn't actually brick PS4 systems, but would send them into a "crash loop that can be quickly fixed in under 5 minutes." To do so, an affected user would have to delete the message on the PlayStation mobile app, go into Safe Mode, use Option 5, and voila.

Going forward, Sony's latest firmware update patches the security hole, presumably for good.