Sony Ericsson Debuts C905a/ W518a Phones On AT&T

These may not be the second-coming of the XPERIA smartphone, but an 8.1MP cellphone isn't anything to scoff at. Sony Ericsson has just produced two new phones for AT&T's network, and the first of the two is the 905a Cyber-shot, which packs a mighty sweet camera, detection, autofocus, xenon flash and GPS tagging, not to mention 3G data support. There's also a 2.4"scratch-resistant mineral glass scree, a Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot, USB port and PictBridge printing support.

The second handset is the W518a, a more simplistic device that falls squarely in the company's "Walkman" range. This one also packs a few unique features, namely an easy portal to Facebook and a 'Shake Control' feature that allows users to shake their phone to switch music tracks or wave one's hand across the camera in order to accept or reject an incoming call. There's also the promise of over-the-air music downloads from Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile through AT&T Music.

Karen Morris, vice president of marketing, Sony Ericsson, didn't hesitate to brag about the new addition's to AT&T's lineup:

"We have two new phones appealing to camera lovers and Facebook users, delivering unique ways for consumers to express themselves. Featuring a broad range of capabilities packed into a slick, easy-to-use slider form factor, the C905a is a versatile choice, whether you’re an avid photographer and early technology adopter, or a proud parent who always wants your digital camera by your side. The W518a is a compact, stylish phone for multitasking consumers who must stay connected to their friends. The addictive Facebook application combined with great music and multimedia features place users at the forefront of social networking. We’re excited to bring these phones to the U.S. market with AT&T."

Both the C905a Cyber-shot and W518a Walkman will be available in AT&T stores and online through AT&T's website starting July 19 for $179.99 and $49.99 after rebate (respectively), so long as you also sign a new 2-year agreement.