Sony Confirms Xperia Z5 ‘Premium’ Will Become World’s First Smartphone With 4K Display

Sony's upcoming Z5 flagship smartphone looks to live up to that denotation. Officially called the Z5 Premium, this high-end offering is set to offer a fingerprint sensor on the side, a mammoth 23 megapixel camera with top-rate focusing capabilities, and even happens to be waterproof.

Oh - and let's not ignore the one spec that's going to turn most heads: the Z5 Premium also features a 4K display.

Sony Xperia

Let's put things into perspective. Most higher-end phones today offer a 1080p resolution, and on a 5.5-inch model, that gives us a ppi of ~400. Sony's phone, by offering a ridiculous (and I do mean ridiculous) resolution of 3840x2160, would give us ~1600 ppi (4K is exactly 4x 1080p). By comparison, a 4K 30-inch display would give a ppi of about 150, so it really shows just how ridiculously small each one of the pixels on Sony's new phone will be.

While Sony isn't expected to properly unveil its new flagship (and two other models) until later this week, a video leaked to YouTube from a French website that spilled the beans. Unfortunately, that video has (not surprisingly) been removed, so now we have nothing to do but wait a few days for the Sony to back these details up.