Sony BMG Accused of Software Piracy

Yes, it's that same Sony BMG that was so protective of its music content that it began installing rootkit-like DRM software on consumers' PCs. That same Sony BMG has been accused of software piracy.

Small French software developer PointDev is suing Sony BMG saying it uses pirated copies of PointDev's Ideal Migration software.

The application manages Windows domain consolidations and provides migration tools to move networks to Windows 2000 and 2003. Sony is being accused of using this software without a license.

Its offices were raided in January after PointDev obtained a search warrant from the courts.

In those raids, at least four servers were found with unlicensed copies of Ideal Migration on them. They were seized as evidence, which PointDev has used as a basis for its suit against the company.

"We are not interested in an amicable settlement. It is not just a question of money but more importantly in principle," CEO Agustoni Paul-Henry said. He also implies that piracy may be a problem overall within the company.

No amicable settlement?  But even the RIAA gives downloaders a way out!
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