Sneaker Head Gamers Rejoice, Adidas And Xbox Have Your Hightop Kicks

Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid Shoes
Adidas and Microsoft are at it again in the footwear department, having collaborated on another pair of sneakers. Meet the Xbox 360 Forum Mid. Designed as a "love letter to one of the most iconic consoles in gaming history," these kicks aim to up your game in real life, and ranks as the first-ever Xbox-themed sneaker available to purchase. You can put them on your shoe rack next to Marty McFly's self-lacing Back to the Future shoes.

This is actually the second shoe design to arise from the partnership between Microsoft and Adidas. The companies kicked things off with a pair of lower profile Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers last month. However, they never actually went on sale. Instead, the only way to score a pair was to win the sneakers in a contest. That's not the case with the Xbox 360 Forum Mid.

These new kicks are being offered as a limited release of Adidas Originals by Xbox, and come with four additional pairs of laces in red, yellow, green, and blue. Those are the same colors as the face buttons on the original Xbox 360 controller.

The colored laces are not the only throwback. Adidas fashioned the strap to resemble the Xbox 360's disc tray, while nods to console's removable hard drive and memory unit slots can be found on the heel of the sneakers. A closer examination promises to reveal a few other "hidden secrets for fans" as well, with a "plethora of visual throwbacks and Easter eggs" sprinkled throughout.

"The silhouette on its own is a bold start. To amp things up further, Xbox's vibe is all over the iconic court style, from the colors to the logos to the tech-driven reflective details," Adidas explains.

If you're interested, the Xbox 360 Forum Mid will go on sale November 4th (Thursday) at 10am ET, Adidas says it will launch exclusively through its waiting room, which randomly gives people access. You can actually head to the Xbox 360 Forum Mid product page now and set a reminder.