Nike's Self-Lacing Back To The Future Shoes Returning In 2019 With Cheaper Pricing

Anyone who appreciates '80s movies should have seen at least one entry in the Back to the Future franchise at this point. The first two films are the best with the third being a bit off the mark in many opinions. The coolest thing about Back to the Future II was the hoverboard for most kid's of the '80s, but at a time when your two options for tying your shoes were Velcro or strings, those self-lacing Nike shoes Marty McFly wore in the flick were a close second. Nike decided a few years ago to start building those self-tying shoes.

nike self lace

The first pair of self-tying shoes were a limited edition, and the proceeds for the sale went to Parkinson's disease research, a condition that actor Michael J. Fox who played McFly in the film franchise suffers from. The catch for those limited edition sneaks was that they cost $720 leaving many people unable to partake in their '80s nostalgia. A new report claims that Nike is going to launch another pair of self-tying shoes in 2019 and that these will land at a much more affordable, yet still expensive, price of $350.

Nike has confirmed the shoe is coming in an earnings call with the Executive VP of the brand stating the shoe would launch next Spring and is designed for use playing basketball, presumably meaning a high top sneaker. Nike has said that the self-tying shoe will be "just one better fit solution amongst many" it plans to launch in 2019. The first generation of these fancy shoes was called HyperAdapt 1.0; the name itself hinted that a HyperAdapt 2.0 would come later. Despite the price being half what the original version cost, these are still much more expensive than other premium shoes. There is no word on if the new self-lacers will again be limited edition items.