Snapdragon 810-Powered OnePlus Two Smartphone Launching Within Six Months

Sometimes, it's easy to think that if a new company is to enter any well-established market, it'll have almost no chance of succeeding. But then we can look at success stories like those from Xiaomi and OnePlus, and realize there is chance for success, as long as the product is good (and let's be honest: the marketing, too).

OnePlus in particular has an amazing story. The company is only a year-and-a-half old, and is headed by 25-year-old Carl Pei, but its initial phone, the OnePlus One, was an undeniable hit. For a while, it seemed like every Android fan wanted one.

Since that initial phone released, it sold over 1,000,000 units. Not a big number if you're an Apple or Samsung, but for a brand-new start-up? That's downright amazing. So what's next? To OneUp itself, of course.

OnePlus One

Within the next six months, the company is expected to release the follow-up to its flagship phone, tentatively called OnePlus Two, and it'll feature the high-end Snapdragon 810 SoC. In addition, the company says that it's working on another handset as well, perhaps a mid-range model that could help open the floodgates of demand.

While Chinese products have long been thought of as being cheap (and for good reason in some cases), OnePlus aims to become a major exception. Its motto is "Never Settle", and that's the kind of element that goes into the creation of its phones. It's good to have companies like this around, even if they never become a serious threat to the big guys. However, it appears OnePlus is doing everything right for the moment, so that reality could change down-the-road.