Super Mario Bros Wonder Running At 4K On PC Leaks Online But Beware Of Spoilers

super mario bros wonder elephant
Surprise, surprise: an upcoming first-party Nintendo game has leaked to the internet ahead of its launch date. Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the long-awaited new traditional-style side-scrolling title in the famous franchise of everyone's favorite video-game plumber, has found its way to pirates through the usual channels.

As you could probably infer from our sarcasm, this isn't a surprise at all. Nintendo's first-party Switch titles have been leaking online in ROM-dump format for a while now, going all the way back at least to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if not further. The release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is less than a week away; frankly, the surprising part is that the leak came this late.

super mario bros wonder balloon

So as we said in the headline, if you're interested in the title at all we behoove you to avoid spoilers, like this gameplay footage of the game running at 4K on PC in an emulator. You might think, "Spoilers? For a Mario title!? Who cares!," but you have to understand that spoilers aren't just about story beats. Level designs, art assets, game mechanics, and other videogame content can also be spoiled. It's fun to discover and learn these things while you're playing, and watching it on a video can ruin the surprise.

Fortunately, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a relatively simple game visually, and isn't likely to benefit from high resolutions the way a technical showcase like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does. So saying, you probably don't have to worry too much about emulators presenting a version of the game that isn't achievable on the Switch hardware. In fact, it's likely that trying to play it in high resolution will cause some visual defects, as we wouldn't be surprised if the game uses some fixed-resolution 2D assets.

super mario bros wonder toadette
You can play as Toadette, too!

We haven't played Super Mario Bros. Wonder yet, but early reviews around the web are glowing. It seems to bring a lot of fresh concepts to Super Mario Bros, which is something that was sorely lacking in the last entry, New Super Mario Bros. U. series producer Takashi Tezuka credits newer and younger staffers with many of the innovations in the title, which is a little unusual for an older Japanese company like Nintendo. If you've ever enjoyed 2D Mario, this is probably the one to get.

Of course, on the other hand, Sonic Superstars releases tomorrow...