Sling TV Accidentally Leaks Its New AirTV Streamer For The Cord Cutting Netflix Generation

Dish Network has been trying to disrupt the traditional cable TV model with Sling TV, its live TV streaming service for cord cutters that starts at $20 per month for over 30 channels. To make the proposition even more appealing, Sling TV is launching its own set-top box called AirTV Player. Subscribers will be able to use the set-top box to scan local TV channels from their digital antenna and combine that content with Sling TV's streaming channels. It supports Netflix, too.

"Get the live channels you love and the shows you can't miss. Watch Sling TV on AirTV Player, and enjoy live sports, shows, and movies with the simplicity of an app. With the AirTV Player, cut the cord and keep the TV experience. You’ll have a single platform for watching Sling TV, Netflix, local channels, and more. Plus, one easy-to-use remote with voice support for your AirTV Player, local OTA channels, and sound system," Sling TV explains on a new landing page for its Air TV Player.

AirTV Player
In an accompany FAQ, Sling TV explains that setup is easy—all you need is an HDTV, a broadband Internet connection, and of course power. The AirTV Player does not require a Sling TV subscription, though obviously the experience is limited without one. Those who are not already Sling TV subscribers and can sign up for a free 7-day trial, and they can do it right from within the AirTV Player.

There are no monthly fees for the AirTV Player itself, though some apps available through the set-top box require a monthly subscription. Presumably the AirTV TV player will carry a price tag too—we doubt Dish Network will give these things away for free—though that information is not yet available.

The AirTV Player will work with any TV that accepts HDMI input. Users will also need a separate AirTV Player for each TV they want to stream to, or they can unplug the set-top box and connect it to a different display as needed.

What Sling TV is doing here is merging content from different sources into a single interface. Rather than have to switch inputs and potentially use multiple remotes, users can watch Sling TV, fire up Netflix, and catch the local news all in one landing spot. That gives Sling TV an edge over competing boxes such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.

While the landing page for AirTV Player is live, Sling TV has yet to make an official announcement.