SLI Support With Sun's Solaris OS?

Do you actually "work" on your computer?  Into that big-iron workstation thing and have most of your projects handled on a Sun box?  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say, so see what Phoronix has to say about running NVIDIA SLI under Sun's Solaris 10 OS...

"Towards the end of December, we had written two articles to examine the frame-rate performance of both ATI and NVIDIA drivers as they had progressed throughout the year under Linux. Although there were minimal average frame-rate differences between each of the drivers, in most instances, each company had appended critical features throughout the year that was sought after by the Linux community. While we have yet to see any ATI CrossFire support under Linux, nor is it evident if we will ever see this multi-GPU support, the developers at NVIDIA had appended Scalable Link Interface support in their 1.0-8174 display drivers released in early December of last year. However, the folks using Solaris from Sun Microsystems had not received SLI support until the most recent drivers released on December 22. Today at Phoronix, we are taking a quick preview and how-to guide for NVIDIA's GeForce SLI under Solaris 10."

Ultra 40 with a pair of Dual Core Opteron's anyone? 

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