SLI is near!

Check it out folks, dual GeForce 6800 GTs just ready for the bench.  We're waiting for our friends at Asus to deliver the motherboard goodness to go along with these but it's safe to say we'll be burning the midnight oil on this one shortly.

This SLI (Scalable Link Interface) connector interestingly enough, is a flexible ribbon cable type.  This design provides a lot more flexibility for motherboard designs with varying 16X PCI Express slot spacing.  The card edge and mating connector is nice press fit design that gets you up and running in seconds.  Just make sure you've got the power supply to drive a pair of NV45 GPUs clocked at this speed.  Good stuff for sure, it's nice to be excited about a new technology again.  Leave it to the 3D Graphics guys to keep things interesting around here!

Stay tuned people, stay tuned...  

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