Sky Hawk PSU, 3RSystem Case and More

Good morning everyone welcome back to HH :)  With the Canadian portion of the HH labs receiving some snow yesterday, I think this boy is going to put in for a transfer to someplace with a more normal climate ;)

Nonetheless, the inbox is getting full and it is getting later.  Here is your first update for the day...

 Sky Hawk Power One 620W PSU Review @ Madshrimps

"Recently SkyHawk's innovative Power One GM570SC PSU became infamous for all the wrong reasons. A few Hardware Review Sites recently published evidence of a discrepancy in the claim the Power One GM570SC complied with EPS12V v.2.1 and ATX v.2.01 specifications.
SkyHawk immediately set about rectifying the issue and we take the opportunity here to discuss the merits of the EPS12V/ATX 2.01 standards"

 3RSystem R700 BadGuy ATX Case Review @

"The BadGuy is made of steel with plastic fascia and corners — nothing wildly exciting there. Luckily, 3RSystem avoided the wild design excesses sometimes seen and the BadGuy is actually fairly stylish. We got the black version, and it looks pretty good."

 Swiftech H20-120 Revision 3a Water Cooling Kit @ ClubOC

"Swiftech, one of the original pioneers of water cooling, is at it again with yet another revision of their already famous water cooling kits. The kit we have in hand today is called the H20-120 Revision 3a. This is one of Swiftech's more powerful cooling systems designed for heavy duty cooling and overclocking. Could this the complete water cooling kit something you've been dreaming about?"

 Zalman CNPS7700-Cu and VF700-ALCu Heatsink Reviews @

"The stock 9800XT cooler is not even in the ballpark! The VF700 just simply outclasses it. With the same clock settings the VF700 outscored the ATI cooling solution, I was able to clock higher with no artifacts long after they appeared with the ATI cooling. For testing temperatures I kept the clock speeds at a level the stock cooling could handle with no artifacts. The CPU was set at 250fsb during all video card tests. Since I could not vary the fan speed on the ATI based card I conducted all these tests with the VF700 operating at 12-volts."

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