SK Hynix's GDDR7 Memory Roadmap Blazes A Trail To A Scorching 40Gbps

With the age of AI fully upon us, the arms race for the best technology is taking on a blistering pace. SK hynix is pushing the boundaries of memory speed, with a potential 40Gbps for GDDR7 spotted at GTC 2024. This outshines what Samsung was reportedly working on, with speeds approaching 37Gbps per pin. These staggering numbers are likely focused on the bleeding edge of data center GPUs, which require the absolute pinnacle of modern GPU technology. 

The software and vision underpinning AI projects are held together by these GPUs that do the heavy lifting. Aided by advancements in memory technology, GDDR7 is one such vital part of this performance. 

HardwareLuxx shared this finding of GDDR7 specs up to 40Gbs

While there is no mention of gaming GPU products, GDDR7 memory speeds for NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 50 series GPUs will surely be lower. Most likely targeting speeds closer to 28Gbs for its high-end models such as the likely GeForce RTX 5090. 

Regardless of its eventual usage in data center or gaming, one key aspect of GDDR7 that is significant will be in improved efficiencies. Heat and power draw are the Achilles heel of GPUs, limiting performance and overburdening infrastructure when too high. GDDR7 clocks in with 20% better power efficiency, and 70% decreased thermal resistance when viewed next to GDDR6. 

Couple these power savings with the increased potential for up to 40Gbps in GDDR7, and it is a potent combination. Enterprise grade customers will be lining up in droves to acquire these new NVIDIA GPUs, as NVIDIA holds the power currently with the most in-demand products. In order to keep pace with competitors, large companies seeking any potential advantage in AI will benefit from GDDR7 immensely. 

While the speeds from SK hynix seen by HardwareLuxx are impressive, the actual application in products is still yet to be seen. Samsung's GDDR7 at 28Gbs will most likely be gamers' first taste of the technology, when the GeForce RTX 50 series debuts with a potential date within 2024. Even our games may be developed by AI according to NVIDIA, not just in hardware.