NVIDIA CEO Predicts AI Will Fully Develop Games Within The Next Decade

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is bullish fully AI generated games being a reality within the next five to ten years, believing that the technology is currently in year 2 of this timeframe. He shared this opinion after being asked how long it would take for an AI generated game to be released at a panel during NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference.

While answering the question, Huang said, “In five years from now, you're probably right in the middle where everything is changing in real-time, and everybody's going, 'Oh, look at that, this is happening.' And so I would say that within the next five to ten years, somewhere in between, it's largely the case."

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It’s certainly a bold prediction Huang is making, as we are still in the early stages of pervasive AI. It also leads to several questions. For example, will AI development continue to progress at the exponential rate we've seen in the last two years. Another is related to costs; how much will cost to access the hardware and services necessary to generate an entire game?

Of course, it makes sense that Huang holds this opinion and is more than happy to share it at an event like the GPU Technology Conference. More content generated using AI, may mean more customers for NVIDIA. Hopefully the games that are ultimately made using AI will be worth playing, and not just cookie-cutter experiences that flood virtual store fronts.