Pass The Barf Bag, Six Flags Combines Roller Coasters With Samsung VR For Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

With Virtual Reality on the verge of becoming the next biggest thing in tech, it was only a matter of time before we'd be hit with a compelling roller coaster experience. Well, one has just been delivered, thanks to Six Flags and Samsung, but we're betting it's not the kind of experience you were expecting.

What this partnership doesn't do is bring roller coaster action into your home. Instead, this experience can only be had at an actual Six Flags theme park on an actual roller coaster. As crazy as that might sound, it's happening: people will actually be wearing VR headsets as they're soaring around the air in a roller coaster.

Six Flags VR

It'd be a bit strange to wear a headset just to see the same roller coaster you're riding on, so what Six Flags and Samsung are doing here is giving riders totally unique experiences that couldn't be had in the real world alone. One real track could very well have multiple themes, and according to Six Flags, that's as good as considering them new coasters. John Duffey, CEO of Six Flags, says, "With the addition of these virtual reality coasters, Six Flags will be introducing more than double the number of new coasters and rides than we did in 2015."

Some might consider riding a good roller coaster to be the "ultimate" experience, but according to Six Flags, it's with VR that we're going to be taken to the "next level."

For those of us who don't like real roller coasters or are nowhere near a Six Flags, let's hope we eventually get a cool at-home experience. For Canadians, this VR tech can be experienced beginning in May at Montreal's Six Flags-owned La Ronde amusement park.