SimpleTech PC3700, Gigabyte CPU Cooler, Compucase PSU and Others

Good afternoon friends, how is your weekend going?  After a long work week I was extremely glad to get a chance for some R&R.  However, I can't kick back for long; I have a review that needs tending too.  So, let's dive into the ol'news bag and see what we can find...

 SimpleTech PC3700 Nitro Dual-Channel Kit Review @ Rojakpot

"SimpleTech produces memory modules as well as many other storage-related products. But if you are an overclocker, their Nitro family of high-speed memory modules will interest you the most. Today, Adrian takes a look at another Nitro kit for dual-channel motherboards - the PC3700 Nitro Dual Channel Kit. How well does it perform? Well, read the review and find out! "

 Gigabyte CPU coolers @ TrustedReviews

"The GH PCU31-SD is a cooler aimed at those who want a quiet system without having to go to extreme lengths such as water cooling. It spins at a default speed of around 2,500rpm but with the fan resister cable attached, the voltage is lowered causing the rotation speed to drop down to only 1,900rpm. The GH-PCU31-VH on the other hand offers a manual variable fan speed controller which can take the fan from a low of 2,000rpm up to 4,500rpm. The controller can be mounted on a PCI slot at the rear, or installed in a 3.5in bay at the front."

 Compucase PowerOP 525W PSU @ SystemCooling

"If you've never heard of Compucase, you're not alone. Neither had I. Until, that is, I realized that the company is also known as HEC Group. For those of you not familiar with HEC, they've been quietly going about making some of the best power supplies on the market for a number of years. They've been neither very flashy nor very heavily marketed, at least here in the U.S., so in recent years they've sort of slipped below the radar of the enthusiast market. The power supply we're looking at today, the Compucase Power OP 525, aims to change that trend, and on the surface it appears to offer a great deal to the power fanatic."

 Leadtek A400 & A400GT @ t-break

"All cards based on the same core will perform almost identically. So what would separate a Leadtek 6800GT from, lets say, a Gainward or an MSI card? Three things come to mind. Starting off, the noise levels produced by a card should be low and Leadtek does well in this department claiming under 30dB. The cooling solution also relates to the overclocking, however, the amount of overclocking also depends a lot on your luck- we\'ve seen identical models from the same manufacturer overclock differently."

 Zalman Reserator @ Overclockers Online

"Fans in your computer gotten on your nerves? Zalman hopes to remedy your problem with the Reserator 1 watercooling system. Tested under overclocked conditions, we see how well this passive solution is able to hold up. Read on..."

That's all I have at the moment friends.  Catch us back here later :) - Cheers