Silverstone Strider, DDR @ 600MHz, Abit's Fatal1ty AN8

Good morning everyone, time for your morning news post this Thursday AM.  We've line up several interesting items, including an article on the future of DDR.  Think it's dead?  Guess again, DDR's time isn't up just yet.  Check out the details below as well as the rest of the reviews on tap.

Silverstone Strider SST-ST46F 460W PSU review @ XtremeResources:

"Another power supply unit will have to tolerate my cruelties that take place inside my test bed PC. Today, it will be the Silverstone Strider SST-ST46F 460W power supply unit, a rather special power supply unit from a similarly special company. Silverstone is a Taiwanese based company, founded back in 2003, which makes them quite new to the computer industry. They produce high class aluminum cases, power supply units, and they have expanded into the cooling and accessories market recently. Let us see if this power supply unit can keep up with the reputation of the company it represents."

DDR Development Continues On 600MHz and Up @ CoolTechZone:

"We've been following the DDR industry with quite an interest ever since memory makers announced low-latency modules that were equipped with Samsung's TCCD chips. Yes, those were exciting times for all enthusiasts. However, certain companies kept telling us that DDR is probably not going to move forward, due to the clock speed hindrance of the actual chips. They told us not to expect anything major from DDR. We were also told that the life span of DDR would be at least two years if not more, due to the immaturity and on-going development of DDR2. Some companies also mentioned that they were firmly committed and were going to continue to develop DDR in hopes of breaking new grounds. In fact, many memory makers admitted to having a few samples of DDR memory with speeds upwards of 650MHz."

Abit's Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard @ The Tech Report:

"It seems that Abit now knows better, too. They've bolstered the Fatal1ty lineup with the Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard for Athlon 64 processors. With a 939-pin socket, nForce4 Ultra chipset, temperature-controlled OTES cooling, and a loaded uGuru-powered BIOS, the Fatal1ty AN8 could be the ultimate Athlon 64 platform for gamers, overclockers, and enthusiasts. Read on to see if it was worth the wait."