John Romero Delays SIGIL Mod For Ultimate Doom

Last December we first heard that John Romero was at work on an unofficial spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom called SIGIL that requires the original 1993 Steam edition of Doom to play. Two versions of the boxed game went up for preorder in late December and were expected to ship this month. Romero has announced this week that SIGIL has been delayed and is now scheduled to ship in April.

sigil demon

As for the cause of the delay, Romero says that there was a complication with the physical editions of SIGIL. In the official statement on the delay Romero said there were a "few snags" in production and the delay will allow the company to ensure that "everything is top-notch for fans." Since the two physical versions of the game offered on pre-order are delayed, Romero says that the free digital version of SIGIL will be delayed as well so all versions can ship at the same time.

Physical versions offered include the standard Big Box edition that sold for $40 and included the game files on a flash drive and some extras. The Beast Box version, which was the high-end version of the game, included a bunch of stuff like a coin, shirt, and other items. The coolest part about this game is if you didn't want to drop cash on one of the box versions, you can still play the game since the digital download of SIGIL will be offered at no cost to everyone.

Romero explained the details behind SIGIL in December when the game was announced. He wrote, "After killing the Spiderdemon at the end of E4M8 (Unto the Cruel), your next stop is Earth — you must save it from hellspawn that is causing unimaginable carnage. But Baphomet glitched the final teleporter with his hidden sigil whose eldritch power brings you to even darker shores of Hell. You fight through this stygian pocket of evil to confront the ultimate harbingers of Satan, then finally return to become Earth’s savior. In summary, rip and tear!"

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