Shuttle SB86i XPC, Thermalright SI-97 Heatsink, and more!

Good afternoon folks, it's that time again. Today we have a DDR-2 PC-5400 memory shootout, Intel P4 aircooling heatsink roundup, an article on the current problems with Linux, and a couple more items. Read on and enjoy!

DDR-2 PC-5400 Memory Shootout – OCZ vs. Corsair vs. Kingston @ TweakTown

"We've got modules on the test bench from OCZ (PC-5400 Performance series), Corsair (XMS2 Pro series) and Kingston (HyperX series). After taking a close look at each set of Dual Channel modules, we tested them at their default speeds and as far as we could overclock them."

Shuttle SB86i XPC @ t-break

"When the unit is powered up, a blue horizontal line lights up making the unit look very cool. Unfortunately, Shuttle uses an orange LED light for hard drive activity placed in the middle of this blue light which does not look that great. We think that Shuttle should've used a different shade of blue for this purpose..."

Thermalright SI-97 Heatsink Review @ Bjorn3D

"Finally, an opportunity to discover the true efficiency of heat-pipes arrived from the good folks at in the form of the Thermalright SI-97 Heatsink. Will this unique piece of CPU-cooling hardware turn my beliefs on their head or will conventional wisdom come out the winner? Read on to see who delivers the knockout punch!"

Current Problems with Linux @ CoolTechZone

"Over the past few articles, we have been extolling the virtues of Linux, and how and why you should use it. This article is slightly different. We are sure that many Windows users who read the previous articles scoffed at various points. Well, in this article, we are going to wear our Windows hat, and try to look at Linux from the point of view of a Windows evangelist."

Intel P4 Aircooling - Heatsink Roundup Q1 2005 @ Madshrimps

"In part two of our P4 roundup we compare 11 different P4 heatsinks made by Thermalright, Spire, Primecooler, Zalman, Evercool, Vantec and Titan. Using different fans at low and high speed we try to find the best bang for the buck, best performer and most silent HSF combo out there."

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