Shuttle P2500G SFF System, Doom 3 v. Quake 4 Performance

Well folks, the weekend is over and everything is getting back to normal. If your looking for something different to read, The TechZone has written a piece about being in "The Zone". I'm sure a few of you can relate to the article... personally I've spent days working on just parts of my own personal projects. Almost nothing beats the feeling when it's 4am and your code is finally working. The only problem is no one else is awake to see your accomplishment. Anyway, I've got some work to do, goodnight all!

Lite-On SHW-1635S 16x DVD -RW 8x Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMHz

"Lite-on has finally released a new DVD drive set to compete with a variety of other next generation high-speed double layer drives on the market. The new SHW-1635S now offers faster 8x DVD R DL writing and 4x support for DVD-R DL media. Lite-On drives are well known for their speedy reading and writing and are a favorite among a majority of PC and video enthusiasts."

Shuttle P2500G SFF System review @ Xtreme Resources

"The P2500g (also known as the SN25P) was the first small form factor computer to offer HyperTransport and PCI Express. The XPC SN25P uses the new P chassis, a member of Shuttle's fifth generation XPC chassis family. The P makes a number of improvements over the earlier G, G2, G4 and K series chassis which will be mentioned in more detail later in this review."

HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB PCIe Video Card Video Review @ 3DGameMan

"This product is fully featured and packed with the latest technologies for excellent performance in today's demanding games. It's based on the R480 chip and comes with 12 pixel pipelines, a core speed of 500MHz, and 256MB of GDDR3 1GHz memory. It's even CrossFire™ Multi-GPU ready for hardcore gaming needs. Wicked card for the money!"

Doom 3 v. Quake 4 Performance @ Phoronix

"Now that Quake 4 has been available here in the United States for a couple of days along with the Linux client and server binaries, we've gathered some results comparing the frame-rate performance of Quake 4 against Doom 3, as Quake 4 is using a tweaked version of the Doom 3 engine."

DVD Insider - Where HDTV Is Going @ The Tech Zone

"What we can't figure out is that with 1000 channels and the successful rise of reality TV what are all these people watching? Guess Alfred Hitchcock was right -- Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn't change people's habits. It just kept them inside the house."