Shazbot! Here's How To Download Every 'Tribes' Game Free of Charge

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“Shazbot!” Although I never got into Earthsiege or Earthsiege 2, my entry into the Tribes universe began with the 1998 release of Starsiege: Tribes. This was the game that introduced me to truly online multiplayer gaming with massive maps and resulted in numerous hours wasted and many sleepless nights.

If we go all the way back to the original Earthsiege, the Tribes series has been around for an incredible 21 years — if it were a person, Tribes would be able to drink right now. And to celebrate the Tribes’ 21st birthday, we suggest you take a few drinks and enjoy every single game in the series, absolutely free of charge.

starsiege tribes 1
Starsiege: Tribes

That’s right, Hi-rez Studios is making every Tribes game available to download as an ISO for your online multiplayer enjoyment. You’ll have access to the following titles:

  • Earthsiege (1994)
  • Earthsiege 2 (1996)
  • Starsiege:Tribes (1998)
  • Tribes 2 (2001)
  • Tribes: Aerial Assault (2002)
  • Tribes Vengeance (2004)
  • Tribes Ascend (2012)
To download each title, you simply have to visit Hi-rez Studios’ website and select which game you want (or all of them if you desire) and hit the Download button. It’s that simple.
tribes 2
Tribes 2

As someone who “earning his multiplayer wings” with Starsiege Tribes and went on to help beta test Tribes 2, the fact that Hi-Rez studios is gifting the entire series to gamers puts a big smile across my face. The Tribes series might not have the cache or following of the Halo, Battlefield, or Call of Duty franchises, but its place in gaming history will never be forgotten.