Sharp Prototypes Bezel-less Corner R IGZO Smartphone Display With Gorgeous Curved Edges

We would understand it if you were not a fan of curved smartphones, or displays that can bend; both are niche, and are not going to cater to the masses. Sharp has just shown off a new type of display, however, and it seems a lot more people should be able to get behind it. Imagine a smartphone with real curved corners. Have a poor imagination? Don't fret; just take a look at the image below:

Sharp Rounded Corner Display

Thanks to Sharp's "Free-Form Display" technology, which allows device makers to customize the display to any shape they need, curved corners as seen here is no problem at all. The specific concept is called "Corner R", and it utilizes IGZO LCD panels.

The result is downright awesome. Concept or not, the smartphone in the shot above is simply gorgeous, with its pleasant aesthetics amplified thanks to its almost bezel-less nature. This particular prototype comes in at 5.2-inches and supports a 1080p resolution, although it seems likely that device manufacturers could choose any size they'd need.

Regardless of how great the phone looks, Sharp has had trouble securing deals with device makers to bring these designs to reality, which is truly unfortunate for obvious reasons. What device manufacturer wouldn't want to offer this kind of eye-catching design? Perhaps Samsung should pick up the idea for its next Galaxy device, albeit one that is less prone to catching fire.