Sharp Announces ‘Free-Form’ Display Technology Based On IGZO Shaped To Application Needs

All the talk in the display sector seems to revolve around 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) these days, but that's not the only thing going on in the industry. If you focus your attention over at Sharp, you'll see the company is pretty excited about its new "Free-Form Display," a new type of technology that allows for the creation of varied display designs.

Using IGZO technology combined with proprietary circuit design methods, Sharp is able to build displays that take on funky shapes and curves rather than stick with a traditional rectangular or square design. Here's a look at Sharp's prototype:

Sharp Free-Form Display

"Conventional displays are rectangular because they require a minimal width for the bezel in order to accommodate the drive circuit, called the gate driver, around the perimeter of the screen's display area. With the Free-Form Display, the gate driver's function is dispersed throughout the pixels on the display area," Sharp explains. "This allows the bezel to be shrunk considerably, and it gives the freedom to design the LCD to match whatever shape the display area of the screen needs to be."

There are a number of applications where this technology can be useful. One of those is the automobile industry. Using Sharp's Free-Form Display technology, automobiles can have a single instrument panel on the car dashboard that combines a speedometer and other monitors.

Sharp also sees this technology being utilized in the wearable device market, digital signage, and more.