Shaken, Not Stirred: Cocktail Robots

Now this is my kind of technology! :)  Perfect fodder for a Sunday evening jaunt across the web. During a recent Robot expo in Vienna, home-brew Robots were invited to demonstrate their skills in categories like mixing cocktails, serving drinks and snacks, bar conversation and smoking cigarettes and cigars.

Staring with glowing red eyes at a young woman strolling by, bartender Chapok slowly extends his arm to offer her a gin and orange. She takes the glass, murmurs a flustered "thank you" and walks away while the cocktail-mixing robot turns his attention back to a row of bottles. "People are interacting, they are actually talking to my robot," smiles David Calkins, who teaches robotics at San Francisco State University. "This is fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for."

I'll have a SoCo and Lime; the lady with have some White Zinfandel, thank you very much.  And you need a drop of oil.  You're sqeakin' a bit.

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