SFF-Specific Graphics Card

DigiTimes reports that Albatron has released one of the first new graphcis cards designed specifically for the space-constrained needs of Small Form Factor systems. Based upon NVIDIA's new 90u GeForce 7900 GT GPU, this new graphics card is at least 3cm shorter than reference boards and is half as thick. For those gaming with SFF systems, Albatron's latest product could be just the ticket you need for faster framerates without having to remove other components to make room for a shiny new graphics card.

Based on the latest generation of Nvidia graphics processor unit (GPU) technology, the 7900GT card offers a 256-bit memory bus and 256MB of DDR3 memory, with a 1360MHz memory clock. The card's core can clock up to a 450MHz and is engineered using 90nm process technology.