Sergey Brin Sports Google Glass Specs and a Smile on NYC Subway

Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s pet project is Google Glass, which is a pair of spectacles that function as a wearable computer. He’s been spotted wearing them at multiple events, but NYC resident Noah Zerkin happened to sit across from him on the subway train.

Zerkin had a chat with Brin (whom he described as both “the powerful man in the world” and a “nice guy”) and tweeted a picture of Brin wearing the glasses and a pleasant smile.

Although pictures of Brin wearing Google Glass in the wild are rare, it’s no surprise to see that’s testing them constantly in real world situations. Developers who are interested in the device will soon have pairs of their own to test out.

Brin Google Glass
Image credit: Noah Zerkin via Twitter

It’s probably just a matter of time before Google Glass is available at retail stores (or more likely, through the Google Play Store), and then the NYC subway will be full of hip folks sporting these specs.