Sergey Brin Demos Google Glasses Prototype on “The Gavin Newsom Show”, Suggests Possible Release Next Year

Folks have been clamoring for more on Google's Project Glass, and Sergey Brin--one of the co-founders of Google who is now burying himself in the R&D department--recently appeared on “The Gavin Newsom” on The Current with the prototype glasses perched on his face.

(Side note: Yes, that Gavin Newsom. He’s a lieutenant governor with a talk show.)

The visit was actually a bit awkward as you can see in the video, as it’s a lot of Brin and Newsom describing what they’re seeing via the glasses with no visual for the audience. However, Brin dropped a bomb when he stated that he’d like to have the glasses out as early as next year.

Brin preceded that statement with the acknowledgement that the glasses were still “rough prototypes”, so we won’t plan to open our new Google Glasses on Christmas morning 2013 just yet, but his statement at least implies that Google is working hard on the project and sees it as a viable product.

You can also see in the video that Brin controls the device with a small touchpad on the side, and he also surreptitiously takes a picture of Newsom at one point and offers to email it to him later. The tiny screen is also visible on the glasses lens, and it’s apparently large enough that Brin could see which photo was on the display even while Newsom was wearing the specs.

If you want to see for yourself what photos look like when taken by a Google Glasses wearer instead of taking Newsom's word for it, have a look at some of the latest posts on the Project Glass Google Plus page.