Sell Your Copper Stocks And Mail The Money To The Phone Company

Why would you want the telephone company to replace your copper wires with fiber-optic service? Duh.

"It's insanely better," he said. "I downloaded Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack 1, a 252MB file, in two minutes, 30 seconds. It's to the point where the speed of your throughput is gated by the speed of the remote server, rather than your local interface." For $40 per month more than he had been paying for a 6Mbit/sec. cable modem connection, he became an early user of an FTTH service from Verizon Communications Inc. called FiOS, with 30Mbit/sec. downstream and 5Mbit/sec. upstream. Instead of a pair of copper wires connecting his house to the telco central office, a fiber-optic strand was laid to his house.

After reading about the download speeds available if I get rid of those nasty copper wires,  I've decided to dig a trench through my lawn, hacksaw my way through the natural gas pipe,and use dynamite to make a hole in the foundation just in case Verizon offers fiber optic cable to my house anytime soon.

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