Mini SEGA Genesis Console Throws Down Versus Mini Classic NES, Coming In October

sega genesis 1
Nintendo really got the gaming community fired up two weeks ago when it announced the NES Classic Edition console. The miniature console packs in 30 classic games, one controller, and hooks up to modern HDTVs with an HDMI cable.

The Japanese gaming company, still basking in the glory of Pokémon Go, then doubled down with a preview trailer that sparked off plenty of 80s nostalgia. Not one to be left out, SEGA is throwing its hat in the ring with the latest iteration of the Mega Drive Classic Game Console (or for those of in the U.S., the Genesis name should perhaps sound a bit more familiar).

At first glance, this miniature Genesis clone looks to be everything that retro gaming fans are asking for. The console ships with 80 games built-in, it comes with two wireless controllers, and the onboard emulator has full compatibility with Genesis cartridges. However, you won’t see any HD goodness here, as the console ships with composite cables that only output standard definition video to your high-end HDTV. There’s also no save game support — something that is possible with the NES Classic Edition.

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Judging from the box art, it appears that this latest edition of the Mini Drive Classic Game Console was introduced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog — on that note, you’ll find no less than 5 Sonic titles on the console. In addition, you’ll have access to other fan favorites including the first three Mortal Kombat games along with a litany of other titles that aren’t really worth mentioning.

The SEGA Mega Drive Classic Game Console is priced at £49.99 (around $65), making it just a few bucks more expensive than the better thought out NES Classic Edition. As of right now, the console is expected to launch sometime in October.

Updated 7/26/2016

It appears that this particular product has been floating around for a while now, with places like Toys R Us and Amazon currently selling the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console for $44.99 — the specs (and included games) line up perfectly. The system has generally favorable reviews with 4 out of 5 stars.