Apple Confirms Pokemon Go Set Record For Most Downloads Ever During Launch Week

Tired of hearing about Pokemon Go yet? The attention it's receiving is the direct result of the enormous number of people who rushed the App Store and Google Play to download the title and never looked back (and sometimes don't look up from their smartphones, but that's another topic). Impressively, Pokemon Go saw more downloads in the App Store during its first week of availability than any other app in the history.

Apple confirmed that tidbit and what makes it an especially notable feat is that Pokemon Go had a limited debut, launching initially in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Apple stopped short of saying exactly how many downloads Pokemon Go generated, but it's no surprise that it beat out every other app that came before it.

Pokemon Go

Nintendo and developer Niantic have pushed Pokemon Go to other territories since its initial release, including a recent launch in Japan. When the official numbers roll in, Pokemon Go is likely to have broken a few more records. All you have to do is walk outside and take more than three steps (if that) to see how popular it is—people of all ages are engaged in catching Pokemon characters.

There's been a fair amount of negative press about Pokemon Go, everything from people carelessly wandering about without paying attention to their surroundings to players being lured to secluded areas and getting mugged at gunpoint. But on the flip side, Pokemon Go is encouraging scores of gamers to walk around, potentially discovering new places and people along the way. The Pokemon Go craze also serves as proof that there's a market for creative augmented reality gaming.

Let the haters go on hating. For everyone else, enjoy the phenomenon and stay safe out there. And go team Valor!