Sega Mega Drive Mini Retro Gaming Console Delayed Until 2019

megadrive mini 2
It seems as though everyone has caught retro gaming fever. Nintendo arguably brought retro “mini” console gaming to the forefront with the NES Classic Edition – which immediately became a hot-seller – and later with the SNES Classic Edition. Atari is even getting in on the action with its VCS. Not to be left out, Sega announced its own challenger back in April: the Mega Drive Mini console

The Mega Drive Mini, which will be called the Genesis Mini in the United States, was originally supposed to launch [initially] in Japan later this year. However, we’re now learning that the Japanese released won’t occur until sometime in 2019, with the U.S. and European launches coming later.

megadrive mini

Unfortunately, the Twitter post that announced the delay doesn’t provide any specifics on the new release date. More importantly, there are also no indications about what games will come preloaded with the console. But given the precedent set by the NES Classic and SNES Classic, we should expect around 20 popular classic titles to be loaded onto the machine. 

It should be noted that the Genesis Mini will be joined in 2019 by the aforementioned Atari VCS. Preorders for that console quickly surpassed $2 million on Indiegogo and it will begin shipping in July 2019. 

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In the short term, Sony just announced that its PlayStation Classic mini console will ship on December 3rd. It comes with two controllers in the box, 20 preinstalled games, and will be priced at $99.