Sega Confirms Sonic Mania And Sonic Dash Coming To Multiple Platforms In 2017

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog rejoice. During the Sonic 25th Anniversary Celebration at Comic-Con, SEGA revealed two new Sonic games: Sonic Mania and an untitled original game for release on consoles and the PC platform sometime in 2017.

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Sonic Mania is a 2-D, pixel-style art game. Its classic gameplay reimagines Zones and Acts from titles such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, and Knuckles. It will also include completely new Zones, Acts, and bosses. Sonic Mania will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the spring of 2017. The game was the developed by SEGA of America in collaboration with PagodaWest Games.

Takashi Iizuka, Head of Sega Sonic Team remarked, “Sonic Mania was born out of our fans’ love of the classic Sonic 2D platform games. Sonic Mania has been a passion project for the entire team and we look forward to sharing more details about it later this year. Having the game actually playable at the event itself tonight was testament to the dedication of the team behind it.”

An untitled game was tipped as well. Simply known as "Project Sonic 2017," it appears to be a sequel to Sonic Generations. In the trailer, a modern Sonic stands in a ruined city and receives help from a classic, retro Sonic The Hedge Hog. The enemy appears to be a giant robot and the trailer ends with the invitation, “Join the Resistance”. Unlike Sonic Mania, the untitled game will also be available for Nintendo X and is created solely by Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

The Sonic team announced several other milestones at Comic-Con. The mobile game, Sonic Dash, has been downloaded over 200 million times. To celebrate, there will be a special in-game event that includes the Green Hill Zone and Classic Sonic as a playable character. The event will last one week and is free to play with optional in-app purchases on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Underground, and Windows Phones.


Finally, the animated television series "Sonic Boom" has been renewed for a second season as well. Attendees were treated to a trailer of the second season. An accompanying game, "Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice" for Nintendo DS will be released September 27th in the United States and September 30th in Europe.

“Sonic’s the name, speed’s the game!”