Seagate Momentus Drive Goes Monumental

Seagate cranks it up a notch with their latest Momentus 7200.2 drive:

  • Perpendicular recording
  • 3.0Gb/sec
  • Enhanced shock protection
  • 40GB larger capacity than prior Momentus 7200.2 drives


"Seagate Technology today announced the worldwide availability of the Momentus 7200.2, its 2.5-inch notebook-use hard drive series with 7200rpm rotational speed and a SATA2 (3Gbit/second) interface. The Seagate Momentus 7200.2 combines capacity-boosting perpendicular recording technology with free-fall protection for beefed-up laptop durability."

It seems that laptops are certainly the hot item at the moment.  Is it any wonder that the major players in the hard drive arena are waging wars in on fronts ranging from capacity to price? Sit back and enjoy the benefit of this wonderful competition: lower prices on faster products.

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