Seagate Momentus 120GB HD, VoIP 101, and more!

New satellite photos of New Orleans have been released on google maps. Clicking the "Satellite" button will show previous pictures of the city, while the red "Katrina" button displays the city in it's current state. The devastation is just mind blowing, I can hardly imagine what it's like to be there. If you wish to make a donation to the American Red cross, please follow the link below. Goodnight folks.

Patriot Memory PDC1G5600ELK Memory Review @ PCstats

"Patriot's Extreme Performance PDC1G5600ELK dual channel DDR memory is some of the fastest on the market, and it most certainly caters towards enthusiast users. On its website, Patriot Memory takes the progressive step of stating that these PDC1G5600ELK modules are tuned to run on the DFI LANParty NF4 motherboard - essentially what we have here is DDR performance tuned for a specific AMD Athlon64 platform."

Seagate Momentus 120GB @ Viperlair

"Seagate's warranty is among the best I've seen at five years, which is much better than the one year or so that comes with laptops (and thus their hard drives) or the three years offered by others. Performance is what this drive is targeted to excel at, an it seems to do so fairly well. In our tests we saw it do markedly better than the Hitachi drive in most tests that focused on performance."

VoIP 101 @ Big Bruin

"At this point most people have probably heard of VoIP, and many may have used it, but they may not fully understand the basics of this rapidly expanding technology. This Tech Tip will take a look at some of the basic features, modes of operation, and other background information on one of the latest ways technology can be used to connect people."

Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 80mm Fan @ PimpRig

"What is the fancy name all about and how is this "silent" fan different from many other silent fans on the market? In a word... dimples. The Silent Eagle line of fans from Sharkoon feature a new fan-blade design similar to that of a golf ball. Let's see if this new fan design really makes a difference."

Leadtek WinFast PX7800 TDH MyVIVO Extreme (GeForce 7800 GTX) @ Hardware Zone

"Leadtek has followed up its original GeForce 7800 GTX card with an Extreme version, featuring an impressive quad heat pipe based cooler and overclocked by default. Read on to see if it can match the performance of our current top dog, ASUS' Extreme N7800 GTX TOP."

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