SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller Offers Xbox One Elite-Style Customizations

Vantage Controller

If you want to spark an intense debate among friends (and don't care about keeping them as such), just bring up any number of controversial political topics. Or if you really want to get in a heated exchange, talk about the merits of controller design and declare your allegiance to either Sony's DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 or Microsoft's Xbox One controller. For those who prefer the latter but own a PS4, SCUF Gaming has you covered with its new and customizable Vantage, a PS4 controller that takes several design cues from Microsoft's Xbox One Elite controller.

I don't mean to spark a controller debate in these parts, but in case anyone is wondering, I prefer the feel of an Xbox One controller. It's probably because I was so infatuated with the Sega Dreamcast back in the day, and the Xbox One controller is a basically an evolved design of what Sega conceived so many years ago. I must not be alone or SCUF Gaming wouldn't have bothered designed the Vantage.

Vantage Modular

The Vantage doesn't just borrow the shape of the Xbox One controller, it also adopts the high-end customization options found on the pricey Elite variant. It sports remappable paddles on the backside, side action buttons that SCUF Gaming cleverly calls Sax buttons, and adaptable length triggers. None of that is surprising—SCUF Gaming is also the company behind the officially licensed Xbox One Elite controller. The Vantage is officially licensed as well.

"Fine tune your gameplay with adjustable hair triggers, lengths, stops, and tension," SCUF Gaming explains.

Vantage Customize

It's basically a highly modular controller with more buttons and customizations than you can shake a stick at. Beyond that, SCUF Gaming offers the Vantage in USB wired and Bluetooth wireless variants, the latter of which can be also be connected via USB if you want. When wired up, SCUF Gaming claims its controller offers a fast 1ms latency for competitive play.

The Vantage is available to pre-order now. It's costs $170 for the wired model and $200 for the wired + wireless model, the latter of which comes with a protective case. Tack on $30 more if you want to customize either one, starting with the color and design of the faceplate cover. Beyond that, you can choose the color of the various buttons and controls, along with the length and shape of the thumbsticks.