SATA-II 3Gb/s RAID Performance Guide, PCI Express Comes To Opteron, and more!

Hey folks, I'm here with your first dose of the news for day. Read on, enjoy, and if you can, get outside cause it actually looks and feels like summer today!

Sapphire Radeon X800 XL Ultimate PCIe Review @ Bjorn

"Now that X800 XL cards are starting to finally fall to (or at least closer to) the $299 MSRP set by ATI, they really are undeniably one of the best bang-for-your-buck gaming video card solutions available. I took a look at Sapphire's X800 XL PCI Express card several weeks ago and was very impressed by its performance. The recent price drops makes this card even more appealing."

SATA-II 3 Gb/s RAID Performance Guide @ hardCOREware

"Today we'll be exploring the 3 Gb/s transfer rate, and what it means for real world performance. We will be comparing various RAID modes in each transfer rate, in order to find out what exactly 3 Gb/s does for you today. We also take the time to debunk some myths regarding 3 Gb/s and the "SATA-II" specification."

PCI Express comes to Opteron @ The Tech Report

"Today we've rounded up a trio of dual-Opteron motherboards that, in combination with AMD's new dual-core chips, are each capable of serving up four processor cores from only two CPU sockets. Based on NVIDIA's new nForce Pro 2200 chipset, these new motherboards are also the first PCI Express platforms for Opteron."

DDR600 SDRAM Tested: OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Dual Channel Platinum @ X-Bit labs

"Our review will be devoted to a truly great overclocker's product that can add a lot of potential to your Athlon 64 platform. Find out what the advantages of the DDR600 for the Athlon 64 platform are from our new review of this award-winning memory kit!"