Sapphire X800 PCI-E, Ultra PC3200 XL 2-2-2, and more!

Hey folks, the mailbox is packed full of items, so it's time for another update. If your checking in for the first time during this 3 day weekend, make sure to check out Dave's review of the "Intel Pentium 4 6XX Sequence and 3.73GHz Extreme Edition Processors". Enjoy!

Sapphire X800 PCI-E Review @ The Tech Zone

"The Sapphire Radeon X800 is clocked at 391.5 MHz core and 351 (702 DDR) MHz memory. The 391.5 MHz core clock is a bit shy of the 400 MHz ATI specs. We're not sure of the reason why Sapphire would choose to downclock their cards from the reference specifications. They did; however, include an overclocking utility, Redline, that easily clocks the core to 400 MHz. They also doubled the memory from ATI's reference to 256MB, which is a nice bonus."

AC Ryan RyanPower2 550W PSU @ BigBruin

"This is my first modular designed power supply and I will now have a hard time going back to a power supply that has cables permanently attached. The AC Ryan Ryanpower2 550 Watt power supply is an extremely well built, tightly regulated, and nice looking device with plenty of futureproof features."

Ultra Products PC3200 XL 2-2-2 DDR Memory @ Bjorn3D

"The Samsung TCCD ICs have really leveled the playing field like never before it seems. Now, any company that can get ahold of some of these chips and create some memory modules is able to compete with the big boys, like Corsair, Kingston and OCZ, because the Samsung TCCD chips are just that good."

V-Tech X-Focus7105H Mid-Tower Case Review @

"Snugly packaged inside the box were the two case handles and the two case feet. The two can be distinguished by the textured rubber coating applied only to the ones that point down. "Always keep the rubber side down", a good tip I've learned from my motorcycle riding seems well applied in other areas too."

Swiftech MCP350T 12 VDC Pump Review @ Club Overclock

"Swiftech has not only started putting their water-cooling systems in mainstream computers like Alienware, but they have been doing it for a REALLY long time. Of course this is a review of their pump, but this pump is the heart of most, if not all of their ready-made systems, so we figured lets throw it in a 3 block dual bay reservoir loop and see if it can hold its own."

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