SanDisk Unveils New Budget SSDs And Mobile-targeted USB Flash Drive

SanDisk has just taken the veil off of a trio of flash-based storage devices, including two solid-state drives, and a multi-purpose USB 3.0 flash drive.

At the top is the SSD Plus, an SSD targeted squarely at the value market. That's so much the case, that SanDisk doesn't even give us real performance values. Instead, it says that it's about 23x faster than a traditional hard drive. It also didn't mention which firmware is being used here, but what we do know is that it'll be available in Q1. The 120GB model will retail for $69.99, while the 240GB comes in at an attractive $109.99.

SanDisk SSD Plus

For those wanting to get as much performance out of as little form-factor as possible, you might want to turn your attention to SanDisk's Ultra II mSATA SSD. If you're at all familiar with SanDisk, you probably know that "Ultra II" is the name it gives products that perform extremely well in its class. In this case, that holds true: this mSATA is spec'd at 550MB/s read.

This drive is also slated for launch this Q1, with prices ranging between $73.99 for the 128GB, and $220.99 for the 512GB.

Think about that for a second. A 512GB SSD for $220.99. Where SSD pricing is concerned, times have sure changed for the better.


While SSDs tend to dominate flash-related headlines, our traditional thumb drives deserve some love, too. And, for what it's worth, SanDisk's Ultra Dual drive looks great. Building on the success of the Ultra Dual 2.0, the Ultra Dual 3.0 will allow you to use the drive in either a computer or an Android mobile device. This is perfect for those wanting to expand their available storage on-the-go, such as to take extra movies with them on the plane.

SanDisk Dual USB Drive

SanDisk says that its Ultra Dual 3.0 is available now, with prices ranging from $22.99 for the 16GB model to $64.99 for the 64GB. $1 per GB for the latter isn't too shabby given just how convenient the device is.